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WHEREAS The Company and the User agreed all the terms, conditions and disclaimers Agreement (Herein hereafter referred as “Agreement”) as follows:

a) Your Agreement of this “Smart Contract”:

Subject to the acceptance of the “Agreement by the “User”, “Company” shall allow “User” to understand the Introduction of the “ACIGOLD TOKEN Smart Contract:

b) Place of Business:

The principal place of business shall be any part of the World.

c) Notices

All notices between the parties (User and Company) shall be in by issuing a official notice by email or on Company’s website and shall be deemed to be served when personally delivered to a party, or when deposited in the email, or published on this website, addressed to a Company the Party’s principal place of business or to such other place as may be specified in a notice given pursuant to this paragraph as the address for service of notice on such Party.

d) Period and other defined terms of Smart Contract

The duration of “The Agreement- Smart Contract” is for the period of Ten (10) months and/or 300 Days from the date of Subscription of Membership with any amount of Package subscribed by “USER”;

The User hereby agreed that job of scope will be executed by Company with complete fairly, honestly, with high integrity and generously in order to gain mutual benefits for parties in the “Agreement-Smart Contract”;

Whereas “USER” shall Subscribe the Membership by Joining in the Community Private Placement Platform program as per Decentralized Digital Gold per Gram Package;

It is hereby agreed that “Company” Guaranteeing that shall pay Original Membership Subscription Amount “Principle Amount” within 10 Months to “USER” and payout of the Profits are subject to the Profits of the “Company’s Businesses worldwide and “user” indemnify the “Company” and/or it’s Affiliate Partners, Fund Managers, Agents, Directors, Staff for any claims more than the principle amount as per the Subscription of Membership;

All Payments shall be made VIA Digital Cryptocurrency Token to USER’s designated Digital Blockchain Wallet Address equivalent of Current Market Price of ACIGOLD Token;

Once ACIGOLD Token listed on Coin Market Cap, the User shall redeem all the funds against the ACIGOLD Token which earned by the “User” from the “Private Placement Platform” by subscribing the Lots, and shall not held liable the “Company” and/or it’s Affiliate Partners, Fund Managers, Agents, Directors, Staff for the loss of value of “ACIGOLD” Token or its value appreciation without prejudice;

USER’s shall be liable of His/her designated Digital Blockchain Wallet Address which is “User” has inserted in the “User’s Profile” and any loss of Cryptocurrency in the said wallet subject to responsibility of the User only;

User agreed that there will be 24 hours cooling time from the date of Membership Package Subscription and Return of Investment shall be start calculated from the Next day of Membership Subscription received by the “User”;

It is agreed that in the case of any Loss(es) incurred/occurred in due course of Network Business closed down it’s operations within the period of Ten (10) Months by it’s own negligence without applicable law of Force Majeure defined herein, the “Company” shall borne the full responsibility in “The Agreement-Smart Contract” for the Principle Amount to “USER”;

e) Risk factor:

The “User” acknowledge and agree without prejudice that all the businesses undertake by Company, ACIGOLD Private Placement Platform or its Affiliate Partners shall Involve the High Risk Factor, and “User” is further agreed to accept all the Risk Involves due to the Cryptocurrency Market falls/fails or Fiat Currency Falls or irrelevant of losses in the value of Cryptocurrencies, Businesses, and this “Smart Contract” not stay active immediately subject to any policy changes by the company and any Monetary Authorities which unexpectedly terminate the “Smart Contract(s)” between all Parties (User(s) & Company(ies)) and due to the terms of “Force Majeure” without prejudice:

f) Non-Solicitation:

You, The “User” have approached and engaged the “Company” or it’s Affiliate Partners, Agents, Directors, Staff and all to Fund the Affiliate Businesses of the Company as per follows:

WHEREAS the “User” represent and warrant that he/she/they have voluntarily entered into this “Agreement” and intent to Fund the Projects of Affiliate Partners of the Company; “User” confirms that User have signed digitally by accepting the Disclaimer, terms and conditions of the “Company by Clicking on “Agree” at the time of opening website and Registering themselves on our Private Placement Platform or Login “your” personal “Account” and further agreed with all the terms of this “Agreement and Smart Contract” freely, without inducement, pressure, and there is no duress or any kind of solicitation of funds or force involved in entering into this “Agreement”;

WHEREAS “User” hereby affirm and confirmed that he/she/they have not been solicited in any way or any mean by “Company” and/or his/her/their associates and Intermediaries, and fully understand that the contemplated transaction is strictly one of a private business and in no way relates to the law of selling of the Company equities, under any kind of Securities Commission Acts or related rules and regulations of State Banks of the world and does not involve the sale of Registered Securities;

WHEREAS User have reviewed this “Agreement / Smart Contract” and its terms, and have the ample opportunities to seek the necessary input and advice from his/her/their Legal advisors prior to signing and accepting this “Agreement” at time of opening User’s Account in this Platform under the links “www.acigold.ae / www.aci.gold Initiative website subdomain members.aci.gold/secure.acigold.ae” and it’s affiliate partners;

WHEREAS by digitally agreeing with this is equal to signing digitally this “Agreement – Smart Contract”, User represent and warrant that he/she/they have had the opportunity to consult with their own attorney and/or law firm concerning the decision to execute this “Agreement – Smart Contract”, and User either consulted with his/her/their own attorney and/or law firm, or knowingly and voluntarily decided not to consult with their own attorney and/or law firm; and based on such decision, Both Parties (Company & User) represent and warrant that by executing this “Agreement – Smart Contract”, Parties are knowingly and voluntarily agreed to the terms and conditions of this “Agreement – Smart Contract”;

g) No Assignment:

Other than as specified herein, Company may assign, convey or otherwise transfer any of its rights, obligations or interests herein without the prior written consent of the Company:

h) Force Majeure:

None of the parties shall be liable in damages or have the right to claim any losses against this “Agreement-Smart Contract” for any delay or default in performing hereunder if such delay or default is caused by conditions beyond their control including, known as fortuity cases or force majeure, including but not limited to Acts of God, Pandemic, Epidemic, fall of Cryptocurrency market, Technical Glitch on Servers, Government restrictions or intervention (including the denial or cancellation of any required transaction approvals of any payments), natural disasters, Internet failures, Server Down or Electricity failures, wars, insurrections and/or any other causes beyond the reasonable or direct control of the party whose performance is affected:

The “User” shall indemnify Company, ACIGOLD TOKEN admin, partners, affiliates and its known domain admins of www.aci.gold/www.acigold.ae and members.aci.gold/secure.acigold.ae further people attached with company and “user” keep Company fully indemnified against all the claims, demands, actions and proceedings brought against Company by User himself/herself, or any damages, loss and expenses (including but not limited to legal costs on a solicitor-client basis) incurred by Company directly or indirectly from “your” use or proposed use of this site and Platform under the “Agreement-Smart Contract”.

i) Entire Agreement – Smart Contract

Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions contain in the entire “Agreement” between “Company” and “User” relating to the use of this site, use of platform and supersedes any prior communications, negotiations, “Agreement” or understandings (whether express or implied, oral or written) relating to the use of this site www.aci.gold/ www.acigold.ae, members.aci.gold, secure.acigold.ae & ACIGOLD TOKEN – Terms and Conditions Applied, All rights reserved. Copyright © 2022.